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Student Portal Hondros – Are you a brand-new Hondros College of Nursing student? If so, you must be familiar with the details of the Hondros Student Portal. It is crucial that you are aware of this because, via the Hondros Student Portal, you can perform a variety of tasks, including learning about your grades, timetable, and other essential campus information.

Hondros College of Nursing is a private, for-profit university with campuses in Indiana and Ohio that specializes in nursing education. The Hondros Family of Companies was founded in 1981 by John G. Hondros and was first known as The Ohio Real Estate Preparatory School. Six campuses are located in Ohio: Akron, Cincinnati (West Chester), Cleveland (Independence), Columbus (Westerville), Dayton (Fairborn), and Toledo. It has one campus in Indianapolis, Indiana (Maumee). Both a practical nursing diploma and an associate’s degree in nursing are available to students.

The most recent investment made by Colibri Group to increase the number of certified professionals it services is in Hondros Education Group. Through its network of businesses in real estate, appraisal, financial services, and healthcare, Colibri Group provides services to millions of people.

Student Portal Hondros

The private college called Hondros

The private Hondros College of Nursing, which teaches nurses, has five locations in Ohio. They are in Cincinnati (West Chester), Cleveland (Independence), Columbus (Westerville), Dayton (Fairborn), and Toledo (Maumee).

Earnings for BSN nurses in Ohio

Despite the fact that ZipRecruiter reports incomes as high as $135,521 and as low as $39,832, the bulk of BSN job salaries now fall between the 25th and 75th percentiles at $66,844 and $112,628 respectively, with the top earners (90th percentile) in Ohio getting $126,821 annually.

Examine the Hondros College nursing program.

Over the past 50 years, Hondros has been the top source of real estate education in Ohio; schedules may be tailored and students can complete the program in as little as three weeks. For a total of 15 months, students will take classroom, online, and clinical courses.

At one of the four Ohio campuses around Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, nursing students can pursue both a Practical Nursing Diploma and an Associate Degree in Nursing. Also, the RN-to-BSN online completion program has been approved by the main campus in Westerville and is being offered.

The proportion of applicants accepted into Hondros College of Nursing

Hondros College of Nursing has a 75% acceptance rate. Even though it is greater than the average rate at many colleges, that number is still low enough to be regarded as relatively selective. You must have good grades and be able to demonstrate that Hondros College of Nursing is a good fit for you if you wish to be admitted.

Estimated Program Costs

Full-time (3 semesters) The program fee is $1,560.

$1,560 for four semesters of part-time study.

The cost of full-time distance learning (3 semesters) $300

Part-time wage costs (4 semesters) $400

The cost of full-time nursing distance learning (3 semesters) $570

Part-time wage costs (4 semesters) $760

Inhabitant Fee

full-time rate (3 semesters). $600 (non-Ohio residents only)

Part-time wage costs (4 semesters) $800 (non-Ohio residents only)

Fafsa is acknowledged by Hondros.

Hondros provides a range of financial aid alternatives for higher education, including grants, loans, veterans’ benefits, and more. Those who meet the requirements can receive financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) must be filled out by students who want to use federal financial aid.

The cost of nursing school in the USA

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) can cost as much as any other four-year degree. According to U.S. News, the average tuition for a four-year public school was $9,687, while for a four-year private school it was $35,087.

Transferable credit is not guaranteed by Hondros College.

The transferability of credits acquired at other institutions is not guaranteed by Hondros College of Nursing. The recipient institution makes the decision about whether credits can be transferred.

Student Portal Hondros

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Hondros Student Portal

  • Visit the Hondros Student Portal page at or the Hondros College of Nursing website at
  • You can see a link to the student portal at the bottom. To access the page where you can login to your Hondros Student Portal account, click the Student Portal Link.
  • Once you’ve reached the Student Portal Login screen, all you need to do is enter your Hondros Student Portal username.
  • Following that, you must enter your password.
  • You must then choose your term after that.
  • Once everything is finished, you can click the Login button.
  • Make sure to input the correct username and password before clicking the Login button.
  • Your Hondros Student Portal account is now accessible.


If you’ve forgotten your password for the Hondros Student Portal

If you have a difficulty, such as forgetting your password, you shouldn’t be concerned because it may be resolved quickly. You must reset your Hondros Student Portal account in this situation. You can do it by following the instructions listed below.

1) To begin, please click the “Forgot Password” option beneath the login button.

2). After that, you must complete the required fields.

3) Subsequently, an email will be sent to your student mail account allowing you to change your password.

As a final step, you must adhere to all password-reset instructions.

To reset your password, simply follow the instructions in the text above. Otherwise, you can click the link that says, “Click here to get to the student mail login page,” if you need to log into your account to access that email. You can then get in touch with your portal administrator if you forget your username.

Many Hondros College of Nursing students often have no trouble logging into their accounts on the Hondros Student Portal. However, if you have a minor issue while logging into your Hondros Student Portal account, you must contact your Portal Admin for assistance.

Please get in touch with the customer care team if you’ve forgotten your username for the student portal. [email protected] is an email address you can use. You can also phone 855-90NURSE to inquire for assistance from the front desk of your school. They will gladly assist you, we are certain.