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Student Portal Lindenwood – In St. Charles, Missouri, there is a private university called Lindenwood University. The second-oldest higher education facility west of the Mississippi River, Lindenwood School for Girls, was established in 1827 by George Champlin Sibley and Mary Easton Sibley.

Through its nine colleges and schools, Lindenwood confers undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. In 2021, there will be 6,992 students enrolled. The 500-acre (202.3 ha) primary academic and residential campus is situated in St. Charles, Missouri, which is 24 miles (39 km) northwest of St. Louis. With a few sports at the NCAA Division I level, Lindenwood’s athletic teams generally compete at the NCAA Division II level.

student portal lindenwood

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Lindenwood Student Portal

Do you wish to access the student portal at Lindenwood University or are you interested in doing so? If you are a student at Lindenwood University and want to see your page on the student portal, I am happy to tell you that we have put the steps to log in to the student portal here on this website.

As previously mentioned, the page you are reading now includes instructions for logging into the Lindenwood University student portal. If you want to access the student portal or perform other tasks related to your student membership on the student-only Lindenwood University portal, keep reading because we have updated this page to include the student portal.

The steps listed below can be used to access the Lindenwood University student portal from the school’s main website at

  • Click on login, portal, or any other name that links to the student portal on the homepage under students.
  • You might see a link to the student portal login right on the homepage; if so, use that to access it.
  • The user name and password you entered.
  • Then select Login.
  • In order to use the Lindenwood University student portal, you must first have registered for an account there.

student portal lindenwood

Having trouble logging into the Lindenwood Student Portal

You can try the following if you are unable to log in:

  • If you are having trouble logging into, check to see if you have a functioning and active internet connection.
  • Make sure you are accurately typing the login and/or password if that has already been verified. Use the password preview feature if it’s available on the website so you can double-check your entry.
  • Make sure the caps lock is not on, particularly if no password character or letter calls for it.
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN because some websites dislike it and will not allow you to login or access their portal if you are.
  • If all of the aforementioned steps are taken and you are still unable to get into the Lindenwood Student Portal, you may need to use the forgotten password option.
  • If the forgotten password function is ineffective, kindly get in touch with the site administrator for more help.

Academics and Registration


  • 30 graduate programs and more than 80 undergraduate ones.
  • 15:1 is the student-to-faculty ratio.
  • Students from more than 70 nations and 50 states

Enrollment in the Lindenwood System

  • 4,619 undergraduate students
  • 2,384 graduate students
  • Fall 2021, St. Charles campus:
  1. 3,752 undergraduate students
  2. There are 1,050 graduate students.

St. Charles degree-seeking, first-year undergraduates make up the freshman profile.

  • Total of 730 students
  1. Females make up 56%.
  2. 88 percent of students live on campus.
  3. 99 percent receive some form of financial assistance.
  4. I mean high school. 3.42 GPA
  5. 51% of students failed to submit their ACT results.
  6. Among the pupils who submitted a score:
  • 46 percent of people got a score of 21 or less.
  • The majority (54%) had a score of at least 22.


  • Native American or American Indian 0%
  • Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (1%)
  • Asian (2% of the population)
  • greater than two races (4%)
  • (4%) do not know their ethnicity
  • Hispanic (5% of the population)
  • Black or African American (9%)
  • Non-resident aliens (ten percent)
  • White/Caucasian (65%), Asian (5%)

Campus Activities

There are 27 NCAA Division II sports, such as:

  • lacrosse, gymnastics, basketball, and more for women.
  • Baseball, soccer, track and field, and other sports for men.

14 collegiate club sports, such as

  • men’s and women’s ice hockey, cheer, eSports, and more.

There are more than 60 clubs and organizations, including ones for academics, fraternity and sorority life, multiculturalism, special interests, and community service.

A minimum GPA is required

To be admitted to Lindenwood University, applicants must have high school GPAs above the national average. The average high school GPA of Lindenwood University’s admitted freshmen class was 3.35 on a 4.0 scale, showing that the majority of B+ students are accepted and ultimately enroll.

The Division of Lindenwood

Lindenwood’s NCAA Athletics and Student Life Sports are the two divisions of athletics at Lindenwood. There are 27 sports offered by the NCAA Athletics Department, 24 of which compete at the NCAA Division II level and three of which compete yearly for the NCAA Division I Championship.

The first college in Missouri to have a Division I lacrosse team is Lindenwood. The closest women’s team is Butler, and the nearest men’s team is Bellarmine.

Acceptance rate

Lindenwood University admissions are extremely competitive, with a 92 percent acceptance rate.An ACT score of 19 to 25 or a SAT score between 990 and 1180 are required for admission to Lindenwood for half of the candidates.

It is moderately difficult to enter.

The admissions process to Lindenwood University is a little challenging. When deciding who to accept, reject, or place on a waitlist, Lindenwood University carefully considers each application in light of a number of factors. Lindenwood University admitted 2,483 (92 percent) of the 2,695 applicants in 2021.

Cost of Lindenwood annually

No matter where a student lives, the annual list fee to attend Lindenwood University full time in 2020–2021 is $31,500. This cost is broken down into $4,100 in various fees; $1,300 for books and supplies; $9,200 for housing and board; and $18,000 for tuition.

Lindenwood University gives grants and scholarships to first-year students, transfer students, and students who are already there.

It is not a party school, Lindenwood.

There are a lot of rigid restrictions; this is in no way a party school. If you enjoy the small-school atmosphere, our school’s size and limited enrollment will make you feel perfectly at home. Small classes and a welcoming environment make it simple for freshmen to feel at home.