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Student Portal Miller Motte – Wilmington, North Carolina was founded in 1916. Miller-Motte began as a modest training facility for courtroom stenographers, or people who use shorthand to take notes during a court proceeding. Judge Leon Motte started this school so that the legal community would have a small place to learn.

Because of the Miller-Motte student portal’s exceptionally simple user interface, which can be easily compared to Penn Foster’s, it provides Penn Foster with fierce competition when it comes to online education. Nearly all topics are handled via their student site, which also offers phone support.

It has established 11 campuses over the years, with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Miller-Motte grew by opening a branch in Clarksville, Tennessee, in the late 1980s. This branch eventually developed into the company’s main campus. Phillips Business College was a new addition to Miller-Motte Schools’ portfolio when it was acquired in the late 1980s.

Miller-Motte subsequently joined Delta Educational Systems, Inc. in 1998. In 2006, the company’s name was changed to Delta Career Education Corporation. Since that time, Miller-Motte has added several new sites and today has 17 campuses. As the demand for distance learning grew, they made and offered a number of online degree programs.

Student Portal Miller Motte

Miller Motte is reputable.

Miller-Motte College was purchased by STVT-AAI Education Inc. d/b/a Ancora Education in 2018.

Because of this purchase, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) gave accreditation to the MMC and other branch campuses of Platt College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Miller Motte is now a part of Platt College in Oklahoma, which has been accredited by a group that the federal government recognizes.

Miller Motte has new owners.

There is a new owner of Wilmington’s Miller-Motte Technical College. The Wilmington site of Miller-Motte, as well as 16 other campuses that had previously belonged to Delta Education, were recently acquired by a firm called Ancora Education.

Fees for Miller-Motte College

Depending on qualifications, attendance at Miller-Motte Technical College Conway can cost as little as $24 or as much as $40,000, with a median cost of $20,000.

No matter where a student lives, the annual list fee to attend Miller Motte Technical College full time in 2020–2021 is $19,905. This charge consists of $240 for books and supplies; $10,080 for tuition; $8,785 for housing and board; and $800 for additional fees.

For those who qualify, financial aid is offered.

The relatively limited transfer of Miller Motte credits

It may not be possible to transfer many credits from Miller-Motte College to another college or university. If you enroll in another college, your credits might not transfer and you might need to retake classes you previously took at Miller-Motte College.

Listed Courses

High-quality instruction is provided by instructors with professional experience at Miller-Motte College. The goal of technical training courses is to give students the knowledge and skills they need to have a successful career in a field they want to work in.

Beginning with their first day of studies, MMC’s concentrated approach aids students in becoming ready for an aspirational career. Students can take classes at Miller-Motte College that are relevant to the industry or sector they are going into.

MMC offers the following courses:

A Program in Business Administration

Because the current business environment is ever-changing and employees with a solid background are the only ones who can succeed, learning about the Business Administration degree can provide students with the foundation to enter a demanding field.


The medical industry is for people with a desire to better the lives of others and the necessary skill set, good communication abilities, and impulse to do so. You could be best suited for a job in the healthcare industry!

Protection Services

If one has a desire to help communities and keep them secure, a career in the protective services sector can be exciting, demanding, and gratifying.

Expert Trades

For people who detest working behind a desk, skilled trades degrees like Mechatronics and CDL Truck Driving may be the best choice.

If you enjoy using computers, a job in the technical field would be the best fit for you. Technology courses on technology and technical information

Miller-Motte College now has online career training programs for people with busy lives that would normally keep them from going to classes.

You can advance your profession and the quality of your life for you and your loved ones by earning a certificate, diploma, or degree from Miller-Motte College. Call 8007059182 if you have any questions about the career training programs.

Miller Motte’s medical assistant training program

You can complete your Medical Clinical Assisting diploma in as little as 13 to 15 months if you enroll on a rolling basis, with classes starting every 5 to 10 weeks depending on your location.

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Student Portal

During this session, we will show you how to get to the Miller Motte student portal login page. We’ll also demonstrate what to do if you try to log in but can’t remember your username or password. Here, we’ll go through everything in more detail.

We can easily get into the Miller-Motte student portal by just following the steps below:

  • Visit Miller-Motte’s website at
  • Then click the Stundent Portal link at the website’s top.
  • Then, input your user information, including your registered email address and password (check screenshots below).

Student Portal Miller Motte

  • After that, click “Sign in” to gain access to the student portal.

How to Recover Your Username

If you’ve forgotten your username, don’t worry; you may quickly remember it by taking the following actions:

  • If you’re unsure about your username, click here:
  • Next, put your email address and campus name here.
  • Visit your registered email address right now (Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.).
  • Then, look for an official email from the college that can help you find your forgotten username.

Recovering Your Password

Almost no changes have been made to the technique. Simply take the following actions:

  • If you wish to find out what your username is, click here:
  • Next Your campus name, username, and email address should be entered.
  • Visit your registered email address right now (Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.).
  • Then, look for an official email from your college that will help you change your password.

Notification: Call College Assistance at 866-827-3819 if all else fails.